Siraj Technology


During the covid-19 lockdown we got a call from a fascinating startup in the Negev.
It was Siraj Technologies - the first startup that came out of the Bedouin community.
Siraj vision is to streamline the painstaking process of onboarding IIoT edge devices to cloud platforms leveraging AI/DL.
Their Technology automates device connectivity to the cloud. Leveraging deep learning, Siraj unifies data streams,
taking companies to their full IoT potential.

We saw this project as an equal opportunity – Siraj can benefit from our extensive experience of working
with leading IoT solutions companies, while we get a chance to participate in a project that has deeper meaning than just branding.
So we took this mission and blazed a new brand that includes messaging, brand story, new brand identity (excluding the Logo),
new corporate website and an exciting solution video.