Inovytec - First in Critical Response

In every crisis there is an opportunity. The same goes for the worldwide coronavirus pandemic.
With no prior notice, the market shifted its attention to Critical Medical devices - and that’s when Inovytec stood ahead of many other brands in its category.
Inovytec is an innovative medical device company, developing cutting-edge solutions in the field of respiratory and cardiac failures. INOVYTEC empowers first responders with novel life-saving devices.
Their products are designed to work in the harshest environments, and to be quick, easy, and intuitive to use.
Inovytec’s solutions have bettered the healthcare ecosystem by introducing products that are easy-to-use and suited for a wide range of scenarios.

As professional B2B marketers, we found a company that presents three lines of businesses, each with a different story and terminology.
We started by creating the Brand messaging platform to all lines of business under one brand. From there, we created a new brand identity, new brand story, new website & a corporate video that tells a coherent story.
For the video production, we had a live shoot session at a hospital (amidst the pandemic). We also created 3D modules for the three main products.